Kid's Squash

We have a vibrant Kids Program for Kids of all ages.

Kids’ Passport Squash Program


16h-17h for all ages


15.30-16.30 for big belters

and 16.30-17.30 for little belters

Our program offers something for everyone. Opportunities to participate in tournaments, fun events clinics. Gives the possibility to be part of a competitive team.

Our objectives are.

      • Introduce Juniors to the game of Squash including rules and matchplay.

      • Teach and encourage sportmanship.

      • Improve hand to eye coordination.

      • Keep kids engaged in a sport with progressive levels.

      • Help set objectives and long term goals.

      • Each kid will receive a squash passport. The passport consists of 6 levels – Each level has a number of grades in which they can progress from novice to godlike. A small test will have to be taken with the head coach to progress through the passport. On completion of each test, they will receive a GENEVA SQUASH CLUB ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE.